10 Epic Engineering Memes

Bored Engineers up your Meme Game Here!

Having a boring day at work? We’ve compiled the 10 best engineering memes to get you through the day. Working harder than ever, and want to chill out and enjoy a good laugh; or, if you’re an engineering student who is supposed to be studying, take a well-earned meme break and then get on with that assignment you slacker! (just do it after a quick meme break.)

1. If in Doubt Duct Tape it!

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Science – perfection, proof, beauty. Engineering – if in doubt duct tape it!

2. Green Dad Joke

Meme 2

Simple, an environmentally friendly dad joke. Could this be the perfect engineering meme for dads? It’s surely right at the top with: Geothermal energy – it’s so hot right now. Ok, ok, we’ll stop there before your eyes get suck in a permanent rolled position.

3. Stick to what you know

Meme 3

This one is for those Engineers who can build gravity-defying structures but cooking something that doesn’t require a can opener may be a challenge.

4. Reality Check

Meme 5

What’s your Reality? Engineers are seen in many different ways by many different people. The reality can be as cool as the fantasy it just depends on your perspective – just ask my MOM!

5. If You’re Not Tired, What are you doing wrong?

6 Funny Engineering Memes | Creative Safety Supply Blog

6. It’s a rewarding profession

Meme 6

We may not enter a life of crime, but the transformation can be real. We may all end up looking like Walter White – by the age of 26.

7. The Axe effect

Meme 7

Save the environment – Use Axe instead. Got an assignment due? a shower can wait – it’s only for a day or two. Main strength, knows how to prioritize.

8. Tinder Can Wait

Meme 8

It may seem like a common theme, but it can be true that engineering sucks up all your time, makes you unable to hold down a time-consuming relationship, or indeed look after your other basic necessities outside of engineering cool stuff. Maybe not a promotional article for entering Engineering as a profession. But, you do get to engineer wickedly awesome stuff.

9. My desitiny is Clear.

Meme 9

This one may remind you of your younger school days, typing 5318008 into your Casio calculator then turning it upside down. Before we had memes to entertain us. Perhaps the internet generation with their smartphones will never experience that particular satisfaction. They don’t know what they’re missing.

10. So you are Job hunting? Relate to Frodo’s Pain

Meme 10

Looking for your first engineering job, or you can remember when you were, just stick with it. One way are another, with enough perseverance and “stick to it ness” you’ll end up with more experience than you could possibly fit on the impossibly impossible one-page resume. Stick with it.

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All tired out by these meme’s – time to get back to the grind!